8 Tips To Quickly Increase Your Fiverr Sales

increase sales on Fiverr

When was the last time you delivered your Fiverr order? Do you know with each order you deliver, you have the opportunity to grow your sales on Fiverr.

I’m sure you’ll agree that not getting regular orders on Fiverr is very frustrating, it sucks.  So the question arises here is, ‘How to get more orders on Fiverr?‘. So here’re the 8 Useful Tips to Increase Sales on Fiverr, it will help you to understand the client & there needs better.

Here’s how it works:

1- Communicate professionally

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. If you are not able to tell what services you are providing then no one is going to order your gig.

The way you talk to customers has a big impact on your brand. Nothing delivers customer satisfaction quite like consistently delightful communication.

2- Maintain 5 Star Rating

I’m sure you’ll agree that Feedback is the only thing which a buyer see before placing an order. It helps the client to know more about your services and quality.

5 Star Rating

Make sure of one thing, Treat the customers the way you wish to be treated & in return you will be their first priority every time when they need any work done.

3- Make a video of each Gig

This we promise, adding video will enhance your gigs  &  attract more buyers to visit in your profile which will increase the chance of getting more buyers. sound fantastic?

“Video on gig increases 220% sales chances” – Fiverr

You can add a sample of your work or you can make a descriptive video about your gig, so Even if they don’t buy, they might find a video of you interesting. The result? more visitors to your profile, which results in more sales for sure.

4- Detailed description

No matter how catchy your title is, but if you don’t have the detailed description of your gig you are still gonna lose buyers.

Imagine if you want to buy any product but you see nothing in the description, will you buy it? So while creating a gig, just see it from client view.

5- Offer a Guarantee

If you’re very confident in your Service you are providing then you can Guarantee a quality service to the client. They’ll feel they can trust you– and trust plays a major role in earning response & sale. That’s it? Obviously no! when someone is showing their trust in you then it is your duty to please them with your service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on gig and services - freelancing

But first, place your guarantee in your headline, or as close to your headline as possible to make sure all buyers see it in front and center. Many sellers save the guarantee for the end – this is a big mistake.

6- Pick The Right Price

Do market research on your competitors to determine the right price.  To get more orders, at first you need to sell your services at low price. Once you maintained excellent feedback then you can charge a higher price for your services.

It is your job to understand what should be the price and what promises you should be making while offering your services.

7- Advertise your gigs on various platforms

Think of it, this can be one of the best ways of getting more clients. Ask your friends & family members to share your gig into there social accounts.

If you can afford then you can create your own website to get traffic organically. You can simply create your website using Wix or WordPress else you can create a facebook page. This shows that you are serious towards your work.

8- Have a Portfolio of Your Work

A portfolio can also be used as a tool to analyze your own skills and professional growth. A good portfolio helps your client to know about your accomplishments & strength.

If you have created your portfolio then its great, but if you haven’t created it yet go & create one. But here’s even more, just creating a portfolio is not enough. It should be tweaked and updated as time goes on.


Final Thoughts:

Above are the few ways I’m using to earn more than $2000 per month only on Fiverr. You can accomplish that target too, just follow the above tips.

Let me know how much you’re earning on Fiverr and what tips you suggest to increase sales in comments below 🙂



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    • This is because maybe you are not getting much impressions in your gig – There was a time when i was making $300 in a week & for the next 2 week $50-200, why? just because my Gig was ranking at the end of the page. So to get more orders on regular basis you need to promote your gig as much as possible it will help to get better rankings – the more impressions you’ll get in your gigs then there will be more chances to get new clients.


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