1. People are reporting the pages and using ‘copyright infringement’ as the reason. You shouldn’t be ripping videos from YouTube even if they had the CC license as those videos are meant for YT and not other platforms – especially not Facebook which is their competitor. FB will also ban YT videos being uploaded to its platform as it doesn’t want to be held liable for allowing its users to upload copyrighted content from YT which could launch a lawsuit against them if they did nothing. Make your own content. Simple stuff. FB does not want to get sued. By allowing advertisers engaging in copyright infringement to continue running ads on its platform FB becomes liable and will ban you. If people are reporting your ads in high numbers then it means people don’t like your ads and so FB should ban you so their users aren’t seeing ads like yours. Everything can be done better in a less spammy way and it will also help improve long-term profitability.

    • Very great information mo! You are right, but Facebook should also tell the reason why they banned, but instead, they just say we can’t do business with you, and there’s nothing you can do.

      Though many drop-shippers fell into this trap as they learn from drop-shipping courses and from YouTube, and everyone tells them to create the ad by copying clips in parts from Facebook or YouTube.

  2. Satnam singh bro. Please help me. I just read your blog (very helpful). My facebook ads account is banned and then i created a new one which was also banned because of same photos. Facebook has my info and face recognition, so what can i do now ?? Should i create a new account ?? Please help.

    • At first, I thought the same, that I should change my profile photo or close my existing Facebook Page. But then I found out a way which I can use to tackle these issues.
      You just need to create a new Facebook account, new profile photo will help yes. You don’t need to change or close your facebook page. Just make your new profile as a page admin/moderator. And then apply for the Facebook business account on business.facebook.com.
      From there you can assign other profiles/ people/freelancer under your business profile who can manage ads. And run ads from the new profile or other profile, not from your main business account, so if Facebook will detect any problem, you can tell them that you hired one freelancer and he did that work and you can be on safe side. With this hack, you can run your Facebook business account forever.

      But I will recommend not to use other videos/photos, the best way to not get banned is to not use videos that have some kind of logo/branding/watermark. Then simply cut the video in 3-5 clips and arrange it’s sequence different than the original video, then add a stripe on top or bottom and write something like “OMG! I NEED THIS!” , and you’re good to publish your ads.

      Taking a good course on dropshipping and facebook ads will help you a lot!


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