10 Legit ways to make $30,000 form home

Make money from homw

Still trying to figure out the best way to make money? I can understand how does it feels when you see a lot of opportunities but still can’t decide which field to choose.

Well don’t worry here I have arranged the 10 best money making opportunities for you, but as I always say, you must have patience about every process which will happen because money doesn’t start coming in overnight.

With that said let’s get started,

1Freelance Writing:

If you have better writing skills then congratulations you are about to earn a lot of money just working from home. You can work just one magazine or, more often, you can write for several different publications at a time.

The more diverse you will be, the more likely they are to be published and paid for their work.


Blogging is one of the another best sources to generate passive income — if you think you can dedicate first 6 months to your blog & can generate good content then you should start writing a blog.

How To Start a Blog: A Free Blogging Guide(2018)

Just Try to solve people’s problem and you will start getting a huge traffic in your website — which means more money.

Need some Motivation? Check this out: Highest Paid Bloggers

3Website Design:

This is another highly paid job which you can do from home — but what if I don’t have any idea about coding — well believe me you don’t have to.

There are a lot of website design builders available like Divi & Elementor which makes it very easy for you to design a website.

Yes, it requires a little bit of practice, There are lot of videos available on youtube or you can purchase a cheap but effective course from Udemy & can get started as a website designer.


When it comes to making money how we can forget Youtube, Youtube is now the 2nd best search engine in the world & it’s so easy to get started on youtube, But start if and only if you can maintain consistency & can give time to create quality content & provide some value to the audience.

How to Make Money Easily on Youtube in 2018

A lot of people start youtube & quit after some time, why? Just because of a lack of principles.

You need to work harder & consistent then only you will see good results and with time you will see growth in your channel.

5Video editing:

Video editing is highly rated work nowadays – as many peoples are starting their online businesses so they need someone to edit there ads video, the video for there product, podcasts & many more so the demand of video editor is increased very much.

Visit sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour etc. to get video editing work.

6Amazon FBA:

Amazon made over $100 billion in sales in 2017 and about 50 percent of sales are attributed to third-party sellers. That means around $50 billion in sales are going to outside merchants.

You don’t need to start your own website or eCommerce store to sell your products. Amazon is giving you this huge opportunity, as people are ready with their cards to hit the BUY button on products listed on Amazon.

JungleScout will help you to find the best product which is having low competition and high monthly sales. This is the best Product Research tool for Amazon I’ve come across.

I would recommend taking a course on Becoming Amazon Seller, otherwise, you can lose all the money you invested in products.

7Online tutor:

Well, there is a various website which can help you in starting your online teaching carrier — you can also create courses on sites like Udemy & can generate passive income.

Just create a course which is most demanding & Finds your targeting students, Udemy itself helps there instructors to sell their courses but as I always say your course should be valuable – if your course isn’t worth money then you will negative feedback from the buyers & this negative feedback can affect your course badly.

8Fitness Coach:

Professional fitness coaches can choose to work predominately with amateurs looking to improve their physique and overall health or with professional athletes seeking to improve their performance.

Choose this field if and only if you have a good knowledge of this field.

You can create your own course, Write an e-book & sell it on amazon kindle or your own website.

Visit Avocadu.com! to get a better idea.

9E-book Author:

Do you like to share your knowledge with others? What if you get paid to do this. Yes, you can make a lot of money by just sharing your knowledge with others — all you have to do is to write a book on whatever topic you are expert in & think it can provide value to others & publish it on amazon kindle.

How to Make Money with Amazon Kindle in 2018

Each time someone will purchase your book you will get paid.

10SEO consultant:

Are you good at SEO? So why don’t you help other companies to grow? These services are highly paid as not everyone knows how to do it correctly. You can create your own website & contact other firms & show them the results & your work.

For those who don’t know what SEO is – Seo stands for search engine optimization which is the method used to rank your website on the top of search engine results.

Comment down below if you any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.


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