How to Get Upwork Account Approved in Less than a Minute

Your Upwork profile is not approved — I understand how does it feels when you are
continuously trying to get your profile to approve but each time you submit your profile
for approval it gets rejected, no matter how many changes you made.

My profile too got rejected 2 times before I get approved by Upwork.

So for those who don’t know what Upwork is Let me tell it to you quickly —¬†Upwork is a popular freelance platform that connects a database of millions of freelance professionals with jobs from around the world.

Before starting I’ll recommend you if you haven’t submitted your profile once for approval,
do not follow these steps & try to get it approved by yourself & after one attempt
if your profile gets rejected then follow these steps & you will get approved within seconds.

so let’s get started,

The common reason why most of the profiles get disapproved because they choose the
working area where there are not so many jobs available. Also, the skills selected
are not relevant.

So usually Upwork takes 12-24 hours to review your profile & then you get to know whether your account is approved or not — but following these steps not only you’ll be
able to get your profile approved but also it will not take much time & get approved
in a few seconds.

Step 1: Make the following changes on your profile page

a: So the first thing you need to do is to upload your own closeup Image in your profile
avoid using a company logo or any other picture.
b: Now set the profile title as MOBILE DEVELOPER.
c: Now set the overview description(include your work experience skills etc.
d: Change Hourly rate to $20.

Now jump to the Skills section & add the following Skills:

> Mobile UI design
> iPhone App Development  //remove all the other skills you entered before.

Now there are more other sections where you can add a portfolio, education, certifications etc. but
I’ll recommend you to leave all these fields empty.

Step 2

Now we are done with the changes in profile now it’s time do to some more
changes in the setting section.
So in setting click on contact info & Select the Time zone according to your country.

Step 3

now click on Profile setting & do these following changes:

upwork account approved

a: Turn Visibility to PUBLIC
b: In Seach Engine Privacy>Select Show my full name
c: In project preference> Select both Short term & Long term projects
d: Change Experience Level to Entry Level
e: In the categories, section Chooses web, mobile & software dev. & under this section Mark – Mobile development & other – software development.

Now Save the following Changes.

Sit back relax & wait few seconds – Now refresh the page — Congratulations your account is now approved.

If you have any questions Feel free to ask in the comment section below or mail me at [email protected] — I’ll be happy to help you.

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